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This item has sold and was a one-of-a-kind jacket.  If you would like something similar, please get in contact and we can discuss your ideas.


Embark on a journey of rugged individuality with our "Lone Wolf" Stonewash Denim Jacket. This distinctive piece combines the timeless allure of denim with a touch of untamed spirit. The stonewash style provides a vintage aesthetic, while the lone wolf patch on the back, set against a snowy backdrop, exudes a sense of solitary mystique.


Crafted from upcycled materials, this jacket not only tells a story but is also a sustainable statement. 


Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or embracing the great outdoors, the "Lone Wolf" denim jacket is your emblem of independence and style. Let the spirit of the lone wolf guide your fashion journey.

Lone Wolf Denim Jacket

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