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Embark on a sartorial journey to the dark side with our "Star Wars (Pull my Finger)" Upcycled Denim Jacket. Featuring a one-of-a-kind design, this jacket stands out as a testament to individuality and creativity. The bold image of the Dark Knight on the back commands attention, accompanied by a playful yet ominous message: "Pull my Finger and you will know the power of the dark side." This unconventional touch adds a dash of humor to the undeniable allure of the dark side.


The jacket's unique origin from an upcycled tee shirt not only makes it eco-conscious but ensures that this piece is as distinctive as the wearer. With two chest pockets and a classic button-down front, this jacket seamlessly merges comfort, style, and a touch of intergalactic intrigue. 


Join the Vader-inspired fashion revolution – where every detail speaks volumes about your dark side devotion.

Star Wars (Pull my Finger) Denim Jacket

  • Best fit size: Medium

    Brand: Unknown



    Underarms across the chest: 105 cm

    Bottom of jacket: 98 cm

    Length: 64 cm

    Arm Length from shoulder seam: 63 cm

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