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Introducing "Demon Inferno," a fierce and one-of-a-kind upcycled denim jacket that effortlessly blends rebellious style with eco-conscious fashion. This light denim masterpiece features a daring cut-out of a devil head on the back, making a bold statement that commands attention.


With a classic button-down front, two breast pockets, and two side pockets, the Devil Inferno jacket seamlessly combines functionality with edgy design. 


Let your inner rebel shine through as you don the Demon Inferno, a symbol of individuality and environmental responsibility. Embrace the spirit of upcycling and stand out from the crowd with this distinctive denim jacket that's as hot as hell – in the coolest way possible.

Demon Inferno Denim Jacket

  • Best fit size: Large

    Brand: Asos



    Underarms across the chest: 105 cm

    Waist: 103 cm

    Length: 66.5 cm

    Arm Length from shoulder seam: 70 cm

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